Skopje & Matka Lake, Macedonia (FYR)

Route: Macedonian capital, Skopje will be a good base to start your long-weekend journey through this small country. From Skopje, you can head southeast to the town of Demir Kapija for Popova Kula Winery, which is approximately 120 km. away. Following day, you can visit Matka Lake on an easy ride of less than an hour to enjoy the nature and good fish.

Transportation: Arriving to Skopje can be a bit challenging via air. There are about 15 destinations in Europe from which you can fly into the country's capital.

Highway network within the country is quite established and in good condition. You can also easily hire a driver with a car or a van, depending on the size of your party.

Accommmodations: Not much to comment here; it was a fabulous homestay.

Food: Macedonia has one of the most underestimated food cultures. The cross of regional food from Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean with local ingredients, coupled with exceptional wine will bring your gastronomical appreciation to another level. No exaggeration here!

For a great variety of wine and outstanding dishes, make sure to include Popuva Kula Winery in your itinerary. It is worth the drive.

For more: See Lonely Planet's Macedonia section.

A long weekend get away to a land of undiscovered wine and local delicacies. And more...

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From: July 2010