Route: Starting off from Tirana, it is an easy drive to Berat in the south. The next day, the trip continues to north from Tirana to Koman lake.

Transportation: You will probably arrive to Tirana if traveling by plane.

Car rentals are available and cheap. Roads are in good condition in Tirana and between major cities. However, be cautious of aggressive driving. The road to Komar is a trip in itself. It is not for the novice driver. The roads get perpatually worse as you get close to the ferry. The road back is in good confition, however it is very narrow and has a lot of turns. Be alert and do not mind the honking drivers who give you a hard time for going too slow. There are spots where you can pull in to wait for the tailgater to pass.

Accommmodations: Tirana has plenty of family-run pensions with very decent standards. They are very affordable. This trip used the following one:

  • Tirana: Loreni Hostel: The guy who runs the place is very helpful and flexible. He speaks Albanian, Serbian and Italian, but no English. If you do not speak any of these, his warmth will melt the language barriers. Their price includes breakfast at the downstairs cafe. Don't expect more than a cup of coffee and croissant.

Food: Eating out options are not bountiful. Albanians love to talk the day away over a cup of coffee. Therefore, options tailor to that kind of clientale.

Overall, food is avarage. Try Elbasan Tava as a local speciality. Also, Albanian wine is for the starters.

For more: See Lonely Planet's Albania section.

Albania holds Balkan natural beauties in their most dramatic form from lakes up above to lush drives, along with solid historical sites and a vibrant urban space in its capital.

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From: August 2010