Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia & Montenegro

Route: Starting off from Sarajevo, this road trip continues towards the Adriatic, passing through locations, such as Moster, Blagaj and Medgurje, and then into Croatia.

It's very easy to spend a lot of time in Croatia, overlooking into the sea, dotted with sailer boats all along. Make sure to visit some of the islands, such as Korcula.

The journey first goes to Dubrovnik, then to Korcula, from where we return back to Dubrovnik to continue to Montenegro, making our way along the coast to Sveti Stefan and then up north to cut back into Bosnia and Herzegovinia.

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Transportation: Flights to Sarajevo is limited to Europe. You can fly from Austria, Turkey, Hungry and other places.

Car rentals are available in Sarajevo and they have necessary permits for all the border crossings. In any case, ask for them to show you. On that note, crossing the border is very simple. Waiting at border between Croatia and Montenegro might occur.

Roads are almost always in good conditions, except crossing into Bosnia Hercegovina from Montenegro. Try sticking to the main roads, unless you want to see roads trun into gravel and then dirt, where lumberjacks greet you in thick forest.

Accommmodations: You can book your accommodation for your first few nights, and then it'll be easy to find options for your next destinations as family pensions are available easily.

Food: Cevapcici is the local version of kebab in Bosnia and Herzegovinia, which is very good. Options are available in downtown Sarajevo. Make sure to have some burek while visiting.

Croatian food is very much Italian influenced with high presence of risotto and pizza, which is quite something.

No comment on food in Montenegro.

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An amazing trip to a tasty geography.

This video is about: Sarajevo, Mostar, Blagaj, Medgurje, Bosnia and Herzegovinia; Korcula, Croatia; Sveti Stefan, Cetinje, Durmutor, Montenegro

From: September 2009