Fellowship of the yellow glasses

The Earth is an amazing planet. It hosts a variety of cultures, natural settings, sites and all kinds of people. Many people enjoy traveling, exploring and learning about these wonders while respecting what they see. We believe in traveling and exploring with basic principles and ideals in mind. When we commit to these principles, together, we form the fellowship made up of Yellow Glasses Travelers.

Join the fellowship

You too can become a Yellow Glasses Traveler. Please read below to check out our principles.

Yellow Glasses Travelers are:

  1. Respectful to the cultures they visit: We do our research before going on a journey, and strive not to offend other cultures. Every society has their own habits and it is not for us to judge them. Yellow Glasses Travelers learn from the places that they visit and bring back ideas, practices and experiences to share stories when they return home.
  2. Environmentally friendly: We take care of our surroundings. We do not litter, and we clean after ourselves when we camp, for example. If possible, we travel over land, or buy carbon-offsetting, such as from ClimateCare.
  3. Connection builders: We strive to meet people, make new friends and pass on the relationship. We work to make their old friends welcomed by our new friends.

You do not have to own yellow glasses to become one; it is in your spirit.

If you’d like to share your adventures and become part of the fellowship, please submit your journey and it can get shared on this website.