Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea & Mount Nebo, Jordan

Route: Starting off from Amman, this journey continues down to Petra, after a four hours drive. Wadi Rum is a close one hour away and ideal for day trips. On the same day, we continue back towards Amman, while passing by the Red Sea and stopping along various Crusader Castles.

Transportation: Your main point of entry into Jordan will probably be via Amman, if flying. You can rent a car, or hire a taxi who can take you all the way down to Petra and find another one to take you back.

Accommodations: It is very easy to go high end to mediocre very fast without much options in between. The following are more towards the middle, as much as it can be:

  • Amman: Palace Hotel: Very conveniently located, this hotel has fair standards. Do not expect much.
  • Petra: Peace Way Hotel: Given its attraction, there are slew of hotels in the area. The further you go away from Petra, the cheaper it gets. Make sure to factor for taxi transport to Petra both ways. That's why Peace Way is a good option that will allow you to walk down the slope to Petra, and take the taxi back up.

Food: Jordanian food is very much similar to its counterparts in other places in the Eastern Mediterranean, although not at the same level of taste. For a hipster vibe in Amman, you can try the Blue Fig Cafe.

For more: See Lonely Planet's Jordan section and Jordan's official tourism site.

A family trip out to Jordan, including, Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, Crusader Castle, Dead Sea and Mount Nebo.

This video is about: Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea, Mount Nebo, Jordan; Crusader Castle

From: November 2009