Tromsø, Norway

Route: Base yourself in Tromso, and start off exploring nearby Sommaroy island and Lyngen Alps.

Transportation: Flights to Tromso are not abundent. You will probably have to fly through Oslo. Norwegian Airlines is the regional discount carrier.

Car rentals are available the city center of Tromso or at the airport. You can rent cars from either office and drop off at the airport.

While exploring Tromso and its vicinity is awe-inspiring as it is, you will also be shocked to see the amazing network of tunnels and underground highways that the country holds. The roads cannot get better.

Accommmodations: Forget about hostels, they don't exist in Tromso. Hotels are extremely expensive. Try to catch a promotion. Nevertheless, the following option was relatively affordable:

  • Thon Hotel Polar: At the town center, this hotel will let you explore Tromso on foot. It has very good rooms.

Food: Food in Norway in general is very simple, but always tasty. Because the local ingredients are so fresh, it makes all the difference. Here are couple of options:

  • Emmas: Right across the cathedral in Tromso, this restaurant is small, intimate with good casserole and hearthy dishes.
  • Magic Mountain Lodge: As much is this place is great for your stays in Lyngseidet to explore Lyngen Alps, it has a very good kitchen. The food is delicous! And the view out the deck will complement the happiness in your tastebuds.

For more: See Lonely Planet's Tromso section, and Northern Norway tourism site.

Four good friends meet in Tromsø to explore the town, its nearby natural beauties in Lyngen Alps and Sommarøy, and witness the midnight sun. There is no need to rush when you have 24 hours of daylight.

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From: July 2011