Kiruna, Sweden & ICEHOTEL

Route: Unless you are traveling over land and already in Sweden, the only way to get to Kiruna is to fly, and what a monopoly on this route. From Stockholm, you can jump on an SAS flight for good 450 USD round trip ticket. Flights are also available from London.

Transportation: Public bus system between different towns and villages is developped. Therefore, you can get around on public bus easily.

For airport transfer, advance taxi booking is highly recommended. Otherwise, you will be sorry to see all the other travellers jumping onto their pre-arranged transport and you will need to wait for the drivers to finish their rounds. You would not want to do that when it is almost midnight in the winter in the Arctic Circle.

Accommmodations: Kiruna has hotel, cabin, camping and hostel options. They book very very very fast in the winter. Early booking is highly recommended. This trip used the following options:

  • Kiruna: Camp Ripan: Such cozy cabins! Camp Ripan is great if you plan to book as a group of four people. It's good worth of your money.
  • Jukkasjärvi: ICEHOTEL: Fourty kilometers outside of Kiruna, ICEHOTEL is world famous for its architecture, concept and design. Although you can do daily tours to see it, staying overnight is a wonderful experience.

    No need to get intimidated by the cold. Yes, it is at sub-zero tempratures, but you can easily long for the coolness of ice around you when you fall asleep. It gets really warm inside the thermal sleeping bags.

    Expect to pay very high price for your accommodation. The simplest type of accommodation with just wooden bed for four people will come around for 800 USD per night. For the passionate, art suites are also bookable, but no need to mention the price. Nevertheless, you can visit these suites during your stay.

Food: Like all over Sweden, food is almost always pleasing, and satisfactory to your taste buds. They come in very simple forms, such as baked salmon with potatoes baked with herbs. The little town center in Kiruna has a canteen where you can have the daily dish, along with delicious pie with custard.


  • Dog sledding to Northern Lights: Most probably the main motivation for your trip to Kiruna in the winer will be for the chance to see the Northern Lights, and seeing on dog sled will only enhance your experience so much that you will not be upset even if you do not get to see them. Northern Lights are not always visible. Even the skies are clear, there is a chance that they won't show their whimsical winding colors.

    Kiruna guide tour can arrange for this magnificant trip. They provide pick up/drop off service, proper suits and soup.

For more: See Kiruna in Swedish Lapland.

Snow has never been so intriguing and filled with art when you visit ICEHOTEL and dog sled to the northern lights in Kiruna, Sweden.

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From: February 2011