Munich, Germany

Route: In and around Munich on train... After exploring the city, Munich's hintherland provides some of the most magnificant castles of Bavaria that will make you feel teleported in time. You can stay in the city and do day trips to discover the world of Ludwig II, King of Bavaria to witness how his two years of reign shaped so much of our magical imagination.

From Munich, you can get to the world famous Neuschwanstein Castle on train in about two hours, 130 km. away. Schawangau Castle is right across, as well.

Linderhof Palace is also close enough to Munich (approximately 100 km.) to go for a day trip. when you arrive to Oberammergau, from where you need to take a short bus ride, make sure to do a breakfast at one of the many Italian eatries in this cute, little town.

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Transportation: After your arrival to Munich, you can take the highly reliable and convenient DB Bahn train company to do daily excurtions. Visit's recommendations for airport transport from Munich airport to the city center. There are a lot of tour companies, which would take you to multiple locations at once, but we very much enjoyed the way trains glided through snowy mountains and see the scenery change around us.

For airport transfer, you can take the train to get to the city center.

Accommmodations: You will be able to find many options in the city center for any kind of budget, for example, this one right behind the main train station:

  • Munich: Hotel Munchen City Center: This mid-range budget hotel is good for families and travelers, who do not want to sacrifice from their standards. Expect to pay 100 Euros per night for a double room.

Food: You can get all kinds of good food in Munich, and especially Italian. However, if you happen to be there when Christmas cheer is everywhere in the air, make sure to go to the Midieval Christmas Fair. It has simple and tasty street food in a great Midieval setting. From staff's costumes to music, it will make you feel like a time traveller.

For more: See Lonely Planet's Munich section and Munich's official tourism website.

Munich sits in the magical kingdom of Bavaria dotted with its fairytale castles and palaces. Dala sleeps one day on the train to find herself in this kingdom.

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From: December 2010